Here are examples of the C++ projects delivered by Apperoso Ltd.

C++ Software Development

C to C++ Conversion | 2023-2024

  • Converted a large weather processing application from C to C++ using a custom Python converter

Windows 95 Legacy PCI Driver to Windows 10 Driver | 2023

  • Ported a Windows 95 legacy PCI driver to run on Windows 10 using the Kernel Mode Driver Framework (KMDF)
  • Created a Win32 C++ library to allow the new driver to be used by existing Win32 applications
  • Implemented a new Win32 C++ application to provide detailed operational status information about installed PCI devices

C++ and Python Interop | 2023

  • Built a Linux C++ library to interop with a Python facial recognition application
  • The library passed a Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) run by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

C++ Windows User Interface using Qt

  • Enhanced a C++/Qt Windows user interface to control a robot arm designed to remove nuclear waste from the damaged Fukushima nuclear reactor:
    • Converted the build system to use CMake
    • Modernised the toolchain to support C++20
    • Refactored a large support library into modules which were then used by other company projects
    • Introduced catch2 for unit testing, replacing CppUnit
    • Eliminated all warnings from the build

C++ Training

C++ Fundamentals | 2022

  • Delivered C++ fundamentals training to enable a remote commissioning team in Japan to perform basic debugging and maintenance of their C++ application

Bespoke C++ Features | 2022

  • Conducted a three-day intensive course to provide training for existing developers on CMake, Test Driven Development, Networking (using ASIO) and Multithreading

C++ Graduate Course | 2022

  • Provided a three-week online course to train graduate developers on copy/move semantics, lambdas, function pointers, networking, overriding operators and threads



Kev was immensely helpful leading a refactoring exercise for a major project. His knowledge and experience in identifying and planning activities created minimal disruption and huge benefits for the software team. We have also engaged with Kev to provide a rapid training course to junior engineers, empowering them to confidently contribute to the codebase, resolve bugs, and conduct code reviews.

Ed Pinkney, Veolia Nuclear Solutions, June 2023

Kevin quickly built excellent rapport with those he was teaching.

He would always answer questions in detail with good explanations and would happily go back over sections that needed repeating to ensure thorough understanding.

Kevin used simple, clean, and easy to understand demos, and provided an excellent range of resources to allow those he was teaching to expand their knowledge further.

He would also encourage discussion on debate on best practice, making everyone feel like their perspective was important, and guiding them to a deeper level of understanding

Harriet Trundle, The Software Institute, July 2022


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